While it's free to create and share your online fundraising campaign, IAmCrowdFunding will deduct a 5% fee from each donation that you receive. Since our fee is deducted automatically, you'll never need to worry about being billed or owing us any money. A small processing fee of about 2.9% + $0.30(per donation) will also be deducted from each donation. The 2.9% + $0.30(per donation) fee is also automatically deducted as well from our 3rd party Credit Card Processing Agent, Stripe.

IAmCrowdFunding has costly operating expenses like any internet service including technology, infrastructure, payroll & benefits for our dedicated team of employees. We intentionally created a business model and platform that allows users to sign-up and launch their campaign's for free. Visitors to our users' campaigns are greeted with a frustration-free giving experience, void of any advertisements.

IAmCrowdFunding operates on only a 5% fee deducted from each donation received. Very few organizations can claim they help as many people on such a small percentage of gross payment volume. Here is a few examples of what other charitable foundations operate and the %'s they keep. 


Red Cross (9.1%)

Susan G. Koman for the Cure (17.8%)

Wounded Warrior Project (41.9%)


With IAmCrowdFunding far more money goes directly to the intended recipients than other organizations can claim.


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