On your IAmCrowdFunding campaign you are provided with a "Share" to facebook link. Click the share button to post your crowd funding campaign for all of your friends to see.

Once you have posted and shared your crowd funding campaign to your Facebook wall you can do one or all of the following steps:
1. Encourage and gently ask your Facebook friends to also share your crowd funding campaign on their wall.
2. Post your crowd funding campaign direct to your friends wall.
3. Private message your Facebook friends and personally ask that they share your crowd funding campaign.
4. Post your crowd funding campaign link on celebrity pages, political pages, support groups, and other relevant pages.

Tag your Facebook friends , this is also a great way to include your friends and family in your campaign and broaden your reach for your crowd funding campaign.

When a friend or family member shares or includes them self in your crowd funding campaign be sure to show your appreciation and "like" their interest.

Update! Update! Update! Keep your crowd funding campaign alive by updating your Facebook wall with positive reminders and updates about how the campaign is going.

"Create A Page" and invite your friends and family to join. Update the page regularly and showcase the campaigns progress. Encourage your friends and family to share your story or cause.