If you’ve been hoping to build awareness for your crowdfunding campaign, you’re probably wondering what social networks will work best for your strategy.

When it comes to building awareness of a crowdfunding campaign, Google+ is an excellent tool for connecting with people who are passionate about your product or service. Many Google+ users use this social network to create friendships and build genuine relationships with others. Google+ is focused on building communities, which is a perfect opportunity for you to build a community around your crowdfunding campaign.

Last year, Google+ launched a new feature called +Post Ads. This feature enables Google+ users to advertise their content through the Google Display Network. By using Google+ Post Ads, you can drive engagement through multiple sources and reach a larger audience. +Post Ads give brands the opportunity to focus more on their content rather than advertisements, which is a great strategy for crowdfunding campaigns.

A common goal for many crowdfunding campaigns is to build engagement around your product. Whether it’s sharing blog content on your Google+ page or hosting a hangout, Google+ plus is a great avenue for getting more people involved with your campaign. In fact, brands that have used +Post Ads have experienced 50 percent more engagement than traditional advertising tactics.

Creating a +Post Ad is simple. All you need is at least 1000 followers on Google+ and valuable content to share with your networks. Before you can launch a +Post Ad campaign, make sure you have a series of videos, blog posts, or Google Hangouts you can promote on Google+. This will increase exposure for your campaign and encourage people to engage directly through your +Post Ads.

Google +Post Ads are making it easier and more efficient for entrepreneurs to promote their crowdfunding campaigns.