Your crowdfunding campaign video pitch is an important point of contact with potential donors. For your pitch to be effective it’s crucial to plan and include all the elements that make a compelling video pitch.

An effective Crowdfunding Video Pitch needs to cover these important points:

First there was film. Then came television. Then came Youtube and the web video. Each of these formats have their own aesthetic, optimal length, and storytelling form. Pitch videos are a unique mutation. They are not quite an advertisement, not quite a viral video, but they do demand brevity. The optimal length should be 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This should allow you enough time make your case, and build an argument, but not enough to bore the viewer.

One of the most common issues with crowdfunding videos is they lack clarity. After the first 60 seconds, if the viewer still doesn't know what your project is about, or what you’re asking for, go back to the editing room. Sometimes with complex ideas or causes, we feel a tendency of over-explain, but it’s more effective to focus on the most compelling aspect.

We strongly recommend that you appear in your pitch video. Contributors don’t like funding a faceless organization. They fund people. People they can relate to and find commonality in their stories. Still don’t feel up to the task? Then find someone in your project that can speak with passion about the mission of your crowd funding campaign.

Even if you are using a web cam at home consider these important factors:

Good Lighting: Appear in a well lit and bright room
Focus & Clarity: Adjust any web cam tools you need to ensure that you are in focus and it is a clear image
Editing: If possible, edit your video with some nice text or images, a nice explainer fist image or text, and close the video in the same manner encouraging donors to help your cause.

In short, if you can afford to hire a professional or friend with camera/editing skills then do so. When campaigning, especially for large sums of money it is important to present yourself in the best manner possible.

Why you are raising funds: Show your passion, explain the impact of your campaign or tell potential donors about the people or cause who will benefit from it.

You must be passionate in your crowdfunding video. After all, if you’re not, how can you expect a potential contributor to be? And you must outline a clear result you’d like them to take (also known as a ‘call to action’). Use phrases like “contribute now”, “share on your Facebook wall”, “tweet it to your followers”, “email friends and family who may be interested.”