Campaigns that follow these tips are likely to have a greater chance of successfully reaching their goal.

A higher goal doesn't necessarily mean more money. In fact, 87% of campaigns that hit their goal will over fund by an average of 32%.

Utilize all forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Craigslist, Kijiji, and any other social media outlets that you use and can draw attention to your cause. In addition, do not hesitate to use your email, texting, and also word of mouth.

Post an announcement on your Facebook wall and gently encourage your friends and family to kindly donate to your cause, as well ask your friends and family to share your cause on their profiles and let your call to action go viral. 

Make regular updates and posts on your Twitter feed with a link to your fundraising page and encourage them to visit and make a donation.

Update your Google+ account as well, message and notify your friends of your cause. Provide a link to your friends to your fundraising page.

Be sure to utilize your email account, remember not everybody who can donate is also on social media, and you never know, a large donor can be hiding in your email list.

Craigslist, Kijiji, and other Classified's
More commonly known for posting new and used products to sell, Craigslist, Kijiji, and other classified's sites can be great for public announcements in your local area. Provide nice photos and finely written description of your cause.

The first 30% of a crowd funding campaign will typically come from your own community - regular donors, friends and family. When you have hit 30% on your campaign, that’s the time to publicize the campaign to the wider public.

Use social channels to engage with journalists, local celebrities, and Facebook/Twitter members who have a large volume of followers days before you launch so they’re more likely to take the time to look at your campaign, share it, write about it and even contribute when it does.

Explain very clearly who you are, what you’re raising money for and specifically what the money will be spent on. Transparency is at the heart of crowd funding and people want to see the direct impact their money will make, so be as honest and clear as possible.

Campaigns with video raise on average 370% more than those without. It doesn't need to be an expensive, professional video. Good audio and getting your message across is all that matters. During your video remember to be sincere, honest, and transparent. You do not need to hide anything, the more information you can provide towards your cause the better. You want potential donors to relate to you and see your side of things, see how donating will benefit you and make your life better.

Campaigns that update at least three times on I Am Crowd Funding raise on average 240% more funding than campaigns that update twice or less. On I am Crowd Funding there is an "Updates" section of your profile, update it regularly with your progress and gratitude as well update all of your social media outlets.

Promotion is the key to a successful campaign. Have a strategy for email outreach, social media exposure, as well as local news coverage if possible.