1. Share On Twitter Once A Day
Share your IAmCrowdFunding.com campaign on Twitter and increase your exposure by adding a personal message. Tell your supporters about your cause, why you need their help and how their contributions will help you. What is a Tweet? A tweet is like a short Facebook status update with the difference being is that every tweet arrives at every follower’s feed, unlike the filter of Facebook’s EdgeRank.

2. Create Tweets That Engage Your Audience
Be sure to create an engaging twitter post! You should use words or hrases that you think will make an impact on your twitter followers. A good standard tweet with a call to action is “Support our #fundraising efforts via IAmCrowdFunding,add some compelling details of your cause to the tweet to catch your follower’s attention. Keep is simple – tweets that have less than 100 characters have a 18% higher rate of engagement than longer tweets do.

3. Search Relevant Keywords & Interact
Go to Twitter Search and and see if there is any conversation about a cause or project similar to your crowd funding campaign, what people are talking about it and whether you can join or start a conversation. It will help you reach far more people.

4. Follow Relevant People
Twitter is about connecting to people and building your own community. To reach out to as many people as possible you should start following people you know, people in your neighborhood, non-profit organizations and communities that are related to your cause. Twitter can help you find people you know by scanning your email address book.

5. Increase Visibilty With Hashtags
Be sure to include relevant and popular hashtags! (Find lists of popular hashtags here). You should have a hashtag that enables anyone to find your project easily. On the other hand, using relevant hashtags you get engaged in different Twitter community, which members can then tweet and Retweet your campaign several times a day. It allows you to maximize the promotion of your campaign to its fullest potential. You can reach out to as many people as you can without having to do it all by yourself. Keep in mind, with hashtags other people can easily find and tweet or retweet your campaign.

6. Include Shortened Links & Images
People enjoy looking at pictures, be sure to include photographs in your tweets whenever possible. Twitter adds every photo you share to a photo gallery. The first six appear on your profile page. Take advantage of this feature to tell a visual story of your cause.

7. Request Retweets
Are you looking for more retweets? Just ask your followers. A tweet’s retweet rate increases 12 times when you ask followers for a retweet. Asking followers to retweet using the whole word “Retweet” (instead of the short and casual “RT”) increases retweet rates by 24 times.

Tweets sent on the weekend get 17 percent more engagement than tweets sent during the week. Best time of day, length of tweet and more are revealed in this graphic.